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South Korea and the US will both be holding legislative and presidential elections over the next ten months, setting the stage for potentially significant leadership changes.
Kurt Campbell, the Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia and the Pacific, was in Seoul again on Tuesday for the second time in a month. During his speech to mark the 55th anniversary of the Korea Society, Secretary Campbell made it clear that the US is eager to engage in diplomatic...

International Relations 101: US Colleges Admit Surge of Asian Students; US Study Abroad to Asia Pacific Also Rises

by Grace Ruch
Chinese New Year, Spring Festival, and Tet celebrations have become increasingly common as the population of international students from Asia in America has exploded in recent years. According to the 2011 Open Doors report by the Institute of International Education (IIE), more...
Exporting its cultural assets is a booming business for Korea, and the figures are increasing annually. K-Pop and the Korean Wave don't only benefit Korea, however, but are generating plenty of revenue for the American entertainment industry as well.
On January 23rd in Washington, representatives of the US and Korean governments signed an agreement on environmental cooperation that is intended to be a partner agreement to the Korea-US Free Trade Agreement ratified last year.

US Army Chief of Staff Visits Korea

by Alex Forster
With more of America’s attention turning toward the Asia-Pacific region, General Ray Odierno, the US Army’s Chief of Staff, recently paid a visit to one of America’s largest military outposts in Asia.
Over 1.1 million South Korean tourists and travelers—a record number—came to the United States in 2010, injecting more than $3.4 billion into the US economy, an increase in revenue of 30 per cent over the previous year.
The darkest day in United States-Japan relations came out of a clear blue sky. At 7:55am, December 7, 1941, Imperial Japan’s naval and air forces launched a surprise attack on the US Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbor, Hawai’i. Last Wednesday marked the 70th anniversary of the attack....
The past ten years have seen ever increasing bilateral goods trade between the United States and South Korea. Both developed economies have successfully increased their bilateral merchandise exports while simultaneously decreasing their balance of trade.