Trade & Investment


Thai Airways Aims to Resume Flights to the US

by Sin Yan (Amy) Lau
Pending safety approval, THAI Airways is hoping to join carriers from Indonesia, Singapore, and the US in operating non-stop service between Southeast Asia and the continental US.

For Filipinos in America, Homecoming Fits in a Box

by Benjamin Nathan
Supplementing cash remittances with low-cost shipments of physical goods known as balikbayan boxes, America’s Filipino community maintains ties with family and friends across the Pacific.

Wisconsin Trade Trip to South Korea Increases Potential for Partnership

by Andrea Moneton
The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation brought Wisconsin-based exporters to South Korea, the state’s tenth largest export destination, to develop trade relations with local Korean companies in a variety of industries.

US Firm to Build Nuclear Power Plants in India

by Linnea Logie
It was announced after a meeting between President Obama and India’s Prime Minister Modi in Washington, DC in early June that Westinghouse Electric Company will build six nuclear power reactors in southeastern India.