Education & Exchange

Kiwi players in the US, as well as games between the US and New Zealand national teams, are giving Americans a closer look at Kiwi culture and meanwhile boosting the popularity of US leagues in New Zealand.

US and Mongolia Collaborate on Conservation

by Zhonghe Zhu
Due to similar geography and ecosystems in the US and Mongolia, scientific researchers and conservationists from the two countries have collaborated on a growing number of efforts in recent years.

Icons of Cricket Bring the Sport to America

by Zhonghe Zhu
Cricket legends Sachin Tendulkar and Shane Warne led All-Star teams in three games in the US, hoping to revive American interest in a sport that was among the founding fathers’ favorites.

Japanese-American Medical Collaboration Earns Nobel Prize

by Anna Scott Bell and Peter Valente
This year’s Nobel Prize in medicine was shared by Japanese and American scientists, reflecting the two nations’ rich history of medical cooperation and innovation.